The Saltmen of Tibet

Shot under extreme conditions in one of the world's most remote locations, 'The Saltmen of Tibet' is a work of sublime beauty and epic scale. Documenting the ancient traditions and day-to-day rituals of a Tibetan nomadic community, filmmaker Ulrike Koch transports us into a realm untainted by the tides of foreign invasion or encroaching modernity. Observing age-old taboos and steadfast homage to the deities of nature, four men meticulously plan their grueling three-month yak caravan to fetch 'the tears of Tara', the precious salt from the holy lakes of northern Tibet. 'The Saltmen of Tibet' is a breathtaking collage of image and sound - a majestic tribute to the purity of a landscape, people and tradition facing extinction.

Year: 1998
Genre: Documentaries, General Docos
Country: Tibet
Director: Ulrike Koch
Duration: 109 Minutes
Rating: Ex
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Documentary (General)
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