New Zealand Film

Welcome to the New Zealand Film archive. Most New Zealand films have been made by small independent film-makers, often on a low budget and sometimes with sponsorship from the private sector or the NZ Film Commission. Only recently have international film companies used the New Zealand film industry as a source of feature films. However, the independent tradition of filmmaking in New Zealand dates back to the end of the 19th century, when film was first shot in New Zealand. The first feature film made in Godzone was "Hinemoa". It premiered on August 1, 1914 at the Lyric Theatre, Auckland. The documentary film Cinema of Unease, by Sam Neill, presents an accessible history of film in New Zealand. Most films are able to be accessed below, however some Films have been seperated into sub-categories, ie "New Zealand Documentaries", "Short Films" and "Peter Jackson Directs". The mother-lode can be prospected below. Right: An artists rendition of Geoff Murphy's "Goodbye Pork Pie".

An Angel At My Table (1990)

Director: Jane Campion
Starring: Kerry Fox, Karen Fergusson, Alexia Keogh, Iris Churn

Jane Campion's remarkable award-winning film based on the autobiographical writing of Janet Frame is a portrait of a sweet-natured, imaginative, painf... Read more

Angel Mine (1978)

Director: David Blyth
Starring: Derek Ward, Jennifer Redford, Myra De Groot, Mike Wilson

An outrageous erotic fantasy in which a young suburban couple become fully entangled in a wish-fulfillment world of black leather, punk rock and sexua... Read more

Antarctica: A Year On Ice (2013)

Director: Anthony Powell

Filmed over 10 years, Frozen Planet photographer Anthony Powell presents a visually stunning and deeply personal chronicle of what it is like to live... Read more

Apron Strings (2008)

Director: Sima Urale
Starring: Laila Rouass, Scott Wills, Jennifer Ludlam, Nathan Whitaker, Leela Patel, Peter...

Samoan-born Aucklander Sima Urale makes her feature debut with this light-hearted, multi-cultural family drama exploring the fine line between motheri... Read more

Back of the Y Masterpiece Television (2001)

Director: Chris Stapp
Starring: Chris Stapp, Matt Heath, Phil Brough

All seven mind-numbing episodes from the original series of 'possibly the greatest series ever broadcast on New Zealand television' are now available... Read more

Bad Blood (1981)

Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Carol Burns, Dennis Lill, Jack Thompson, Donna Akersten, Martyn Sanderson, Marsh...

Jack Thompson gives a heartfelt and extraordinarily compelling performance as Stan Graham, a tragic and notorious West Coast figure who was pushed ove... Read more

Bad Taste (1987)

Director: Peter Jackson
Starring: Mike Minett, Pete O'Herne, Craig Smith, Terry Potter, Peter Jackson

This notorious debut feature film from Peter Jackson is packed with all the outrageous action, senseless violence and sick humour that has made it one... Read more

Battletruck / Deathsport (1982)

Director: Allan Arkush, Harley Cokliss, Henry Suso
Starring: Annie McEnroe, Claudia Jennings, David Carradine, Michael Beck, David McLean, Ja...

A Double Feature of Future Mayhem! 'Battletruck' (aka 'Warlords of the 21st Century') (1982, 91 mins) - After the Oil Wars, gasoline has become a prec... Read more

Being Eve: The Complete Series (2001)

Starring: Fleur Saville, Stephen Lovatt, Alison Bruce, Tandi Wright

Made in New Zealand this award-winning teen comedy/drama series focuses on the life of 15-year-old philosopher, Eve Baxter as she tries to understand... Read more

Belief (2005)

Director: Phil Davison
Starring: Sara Georgie, Marguerite Juanico-Nielson, Anita Cumming, Amadeus Rainbow

From the director/writer of 'Kung Fu Vampire Killers' comes this black comedy horror that finds three friends on holiday in Central Otago who pick up... Read more