New Zealand Film

Welcome to the New Zealand Film archive. Most New Zealand films have been made by small independent film-makers, often on a low budget and sometimes with sponsorship from the private sector or the NZ Film Commission. Only recently have international film companies used the New Zealand film industry as a source of feature films. However, the independent tradition of filmmaking in New Zealand dates back to the end of the 19th century, when film was first shot in New Zealand. The first feature film made in Godzone was "Hinemoa". It premiered on August 1, 1914 at the Lyric Theatre, Auckland. The documentary film Cinema of Unease, by Sam Neill, presents an accessible history of film in New Zealand. Most films are able to be accessed below, however some Films have been seperated into sub-categories, ie "New Zealand Documentaries", "Short Films" and "Peter Jackson Directs". The mother-lode can be prospected below. Right: An artists rendition of Geoff Murphy's "Goodbye Pork Pie".

Boy ( Blu-ray ) (2010)

Director: Taika Waititi
Starring: James Rolleston, Te Aho Eketone-Whitu, Taika Waititi

Boy is a dreamer who loves Michael Jackson. He lives with his brother, Rocky, a tribe of deserted cousins and his Nan. Boy's other hero, his father, A... Read more

Braindead ( Aka Dead Alive ) (1991)

Director: Peter Jackson
Starring: Timothy Balme, Elizabeth Moody, Diana Penalver, Ian Watkin, Jed Brophy

Taking a trip back to suburban Wellington of the '50s, director Peter Jackson has created the mother of all zombie movies. Jam-packed with demented jo... Read more

Bread and Roses (1993)

Director: Gaylene Preston
Starring: Genevieve Picot, Mick Rose, Donna Akersten

Based on the autobiography of Sonya Davies. This moving epic story of one woman's experience spans twenty years from 1940 and captures the hopes and a... Read more

Bro' Town: Series 1 (2004)

Starring: Oscar Kightley, Shimpal Lelisi, Mario Goa, David Fane

New Zealand's first prime time animation series comes to DVD. Vale, Valea, Jeff da Maori, Sione and Mack are mates living in the fictional suburb of... Read more

Bro' Town: Series 2 (2005)

Starring: Oscar Kightley, Shimpal Lelisi, Mario Goa, David Fane

The popular boys from Morningside return with seven brand new episodes: 'Zeelander'; 'Survival of the Fattest'; 'Half-Caste Away'; 'A Chicken Roll At... Read more

Bro' Town: Series 3 (2006)

Starring: Oscar Kightley, Shimpal Lelisi, Mario Goa, David Fane

In the 3rd series the boys deal with a Canadian in 'In My Mother's Den'; it's Halloween in 'Know Me Before You Haunt Me'; Dad joins the prestigous Mor... Read more

Bro' Town: Series 4 (2007)

Starring: Oscar Kightley, Shimpal Lelisi, Mario Goa, David Fane

Vale, Valea, Jeff da Maori, Sione and Mack return for the fourth series of New Zealand's popular animated adult sitcom. Episodes include 'Sons for th... Read more

Bro' Town: Series 5 (2008)

Bro' Town returns for it's fifth and final series! Watch as the boys get to grips with religious cults, weird men's groups, perhaps even a visitation... Read more

Broken English (1996)

Director: Gregor Nicholas
Starring: Rade Serbedzija, Aleksandra Vujcic, Marton Csokas

Racial angst and insecurities afflict an immigrant Serbian family living in Auckland. Rade Serbedzija plays the hot-blooded patriarch and radiant newc... Read more

Broken Hallelujah (2014)

Director: Alastair Riddell
Starring: Ben Mitchell, Vanessa Riddell, Greg Smith

This is not a love story but a story about love. Kirsty Preston leads a comfortable life. All of this changes when she discovers how her husband, Gary... Read more