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Dangerous Liaisons (2012)

Director: Hur Jin-ho
Starring: Lisa Lu, Zhang Ziyi, Cecilia Cheung, Dong-gun Jang, Shawn Dou

1930s Shanghai: the glamorous, tumultuous "Paris of the East" whose salons, streets and bedrooms frame this Chinese adaptation of the French novel "Le... Read more

Doomsday Book (2012)

Director: Kim Jee-Woon, Yim Pil-sung
Starring: Doona Bae, Kang-woo Kim, Joon-ho Bong, Ji-hee Jin, Yun-hie Jo

Two directors. Three visions of the future. One mindblowing story. This fantastical anthology film paints a challenging picture of a world hurtling to... Read more

Dragon Wars (2007)

Director: Shim Hyung-rae
Starring: Jason Behr, Robert Forster, Amanda Brooks

A.k.a. 'D-War'. Hundreds of flying, fire-breathing dragons descend upon Los Angeles, in this special effects-filled sci-fi actioner. Now, a reporter m... Read more

Haemoo ( Sea Fog ) (2014)

Director: Sung-bo Shim
Starring: Yun-seok Kim, Yoo-chun Park, Ye-rin Han

Down on their luck, a commercial fishing vessel takes on a cargo of thirty illegal immigrants and attempts to smuggle them from China to Korea. Howeve... Read more

Haeundae ( Tidal Wave ) (2009)

Director: Je-gyun Yun
Starring: Jeong-hwa Eom, Ji-won Ha, Kyung-gu Sol, Joong-Hoon Park

During the summer, the beach resort of Haeundae is packed with up to one million vacationing Koreans. On one such day, marine geologist Kim Hwi (Joong... Read more

Invisible Waves (2006)

Director: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
Starring: Tadanobu Asano, Hye-jeong Kang, Eric Tsang, Toon Hiranyasup, Ken Mitsuishi, Mari...

Kyoji is a chef in a mobster-run restaurant who, unwisely, has been having an affair with his boss' wife. When they are discovered the husband orders... Read more

JSA: Joint Security Area (2000)

Director: Chan-wook Park
Starring: Jeong Seong-San, Kim Hyeon-Seok, Lee Mu-Yeong

This harrowing political thriller from South Korea rides on the trend of phenomenally popular action blockbusters from East Asia. In the extremely sen... Read more

Masquerade (2012)

Director: Choo Chang-Min
Starring: Byung-hun Lee, Ryoo Seung-Ryong, Han Hyo-Joo, Kim In-Kwon

A royal body double risks everything to save his beloved country from collapse in this historical drama set during Korea's Joseon Dynasty, and inspire... Read more

Memories of Murder (2003)

Director: Joon-ho Bong
Starring: Kang-ho Song, Sang-kyung Kim, Roe-ha Kim, Jae-ho Song, Hie-bong Byeon, Seo-hie K...

Based on the true story of Korea's first recorded serial killer, and set during the politically charged '80s this film fairly crackles with tension.... Read more

Mother (2009)

Director: Joon-ho Bong
Starring: Weon Bin, Jin Gu

Widowed for a long time, a mother lives alone with her only son. He is 28 years old, a shy and quiet young man. In the aftermath of a terrible murder,... Read more