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Essential Ballet: The Kirov Ballet (1993)

Starring: The Kirov Ballet

Ballet has always been one of Russia's most cultivated art forms. "Essential Ballet: Kirov Ballet" comprises two contrasting gala performances, showca... Read more

The Red Tent (1969)

Director: Mikhail Kalatozov
Starring: Sean Connery, Peter Finch, Hardy Kruger, Claudia Cardinale

A virtually unknown but first-rate film by Soviet filmmaker Mikhail Kalatozov. This ripping adventure epic was funded in Italy and based on an actual... Read more

The Mark of Cain (2000)

Director: Alix Lambert

Alix Lambert's ground-breaking documentary overtly examines the dying art of Russian prison tattooing, while at the same time, more covertly, showing... Read more

Koktebel (2003)

Director: Boris Khlebnikov, Alexei Popogrebsky
Starring: Agrippina Steklova, Igor Chernevich, Vladimir Kucherenko, Gleb Puskepalis

The feature debut from writing/directing team Boris Khlebnikov and Alexei Popogrebsky, this Russian road movie tells the story of a father and son mak... Read more

The Cuckoo (2002)

Director: Alexandr Rogozhkin
Starring: Anni-Christiina Juuso, Ville Haapasalo, Viktor Bychkov

Aka "Kukushka". Highly-praised and upbeat anti-war drama in which two men from opposing armies - a Finnish sniper and a Russian Captain find themselve... Read more

The Stroll (2003)

Director: Aleksei Uchitel
Starring: Irina Pegova, Pavel Barshak, Yevgeni Tsyganov

A.k.a. "Progulka". Olya (Irina Pegova) steps out of a luxurious car and begins a stroll through the streets of St Petersburg, striking up an acquainta... Read more

Father and Son (2003)

Director: Alexander Sokurov
Starring: Andrei Shchetinin, Aleksei Nejmyshev, Aleksandr Razbash

Alexander Sokurov, the visionary director of "Russian Ark", presents another powerful work of intense beauty and emotion. Following the critically acc... Read more

The Return (2003)

Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev
Starring: Vladimir Garin, Ivan Dobronravov, Konstantin Lavronenko, Natalia Vdovina

Two teenage brothers, living with their mother, discover that their father has returned home after years of absence without a word of explanation. He... Read more

Russian Ark (2002)

Director: Alexander Sokurov
Starring: Sergei Dreiden, Maria Kuznetsova, Leonid Mozgovoy

Director Alexander Sokurov's ("Mother and Son") audacious cinematic tour-de-force follows an unseen narrator who magically finds himself transported t... Read more

House of Fools (2002)

Director: Andrei Konchalovsky
Starring: Yuliya Vysotskaya, Sultan Islamov, Stanislav Varkki, Vladas Bagdonas, Bryan Adam...

Based on a true story, this offbeat Russian drama concerns a mental hospital on the border of Chechnya and its assortment of eccentrics. When the arri... Read more