Zatoichi 26: Darkness Is His Ally

This 26th instalment capped one of Japan's most loved and enduring movie franchises. With a gap of more than 15 years between this and number 25, Ichi is now in his fifties, but as nimble and bloodthirsty as ever. Though somewhat slicker than its predecessors Zatoichi fans will not be disappointed with this last effort from the blind swordsman.

Year: 1989
Genre: Japanese Cinema, Asia Extreme, Samurai, Disabilities, Action
Country: Japan
Director: Shintaro Katsu
Starring: Shintaro Katsu, Kanako Higuchi, Takanori Jinnai, Yudai Okumura
Duration: 116 Minutes
Rating: R16
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (Japan)



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