The Essential John Sayles: Return of the Secaucus Seven (1980) / Lianna (1983) / Brother From Another Planet

An eclectic and unmissable collection from a great American director. 'Return of the Secaucus Seven' is John Salyes' engaging debut, looking at seven friends who reunite ten years after their radical college days for a dramatic, poignant and revelatory weekend. The director even has a small role as 'Howie'. 'Lianna' is a young wife and mother who leaves her husband for another woman and embarks on a turbulent journey of self-discovery. And 'Brother From Another Planet' is an off-beat sci-fi starring Joe Morton as a human-looking alien who comes to Earth and finds our ways difficult to comprehend.

Year: 1984
Genre: Art House Cinema, Science Fiction, Queer Cinema, Aliens Among Us!, Counterculture
Country: USA
Director: John Sayles
Starring: Bruce MacDonald, Adam Lefevre, Maggie Cousineau, Maggie Renzi, Gordon Clapp, Mark Arnott, Linda Griffiths, Jane Hallaren, Jon DeVries, Jo Henderson, Joe Morton, Darryl Edwards, Steve James, Bill Cobbs
Duration: 326 Minutes
Rating: R16
Location in store: Art House Cinema



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