"Budrus" is an award-winning feature documentary film about a Palestinian community organizer, Ayed Morrar, who unites local Fatah and Hamas members along with Israeli supporters in an unarmed movement to save his village of Budrus from destruction by Israel's Separation Barrier. Success eludes them until his 15-year-old daughter, Iltezam, launches a women's contingent that quickly moves to the front lines. Struggling side by side, father and daughter unleash an inspiring, yet little-known, movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories that is still gaining ground today. In an action-filled documentary chronicling this movement from its infancy, "Budrus" shines a light on people who choose nonviolence to confront a threat.

Year: 2009
Genre: Documentaries, Political Docos
Country: Palestine
Director: Julia Bacha
Duration: 82 Minutes
Location in store: Documentary (Political)



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