The Intruder (1961)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: William Shatner, Frank Maxwell, Beverley Lunsford

(a.k.a. Shame and I Hate Your Guts) is a bold film about racism in the American south. At a time when the major studios only cautiously made films on... Read more

The Fall of the House of Usher (1960)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Vincent Price, Mark Damon, Myrna Fahey

Aka "House of Usher". Convinced that his family's blood is tainted by generations of evil, Roderick Usher is hell-bent on destroying his sister Madeli... Read more

Tales of Terror (1962)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, Debra Paget

This triple threat of terror is adapted from the tales of Edgar Allan Poe and stars three of horrordom's greatest villains, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre... Read more

The Haunted Palace (1963)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Debra Paget, Lon Chaney Jr, Vincent Price

A perversely evil 18th-century warlock is burned at the stake. A century after the human barbecue, the warlock's great-great grandson returns to the f... Read more

A Bucket of Blood (1959)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Dick Miller, Barboura Morris, Antony Carbone

Roger Corman's prelude to 'Little Shop of Horrors' has Dick Miller getting that life-like quality to his clay sculptures by building them around life-... Read more

The Raven (1963)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Jack Nicholson

The wheels of horror churn amid touches of humour in this twisted tale of sorcery most fowl! Inspired by the gothic poem by Edgar Allan Poe and starri... Read more

X - The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (1963)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Ray Milland, Diane Van Der Vlis, Harold J Stone, John Hoyt, Don Rickles

Roger Corman directs Ray Milland in this sci-fi shocker in which the brilliant Dr. Xavier (Milland) concocts a serum to improve human sight, stumbling... Read more

The Tomb of Ligeia (1964)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Vincent Price, Elizabeth Shepherd, John Westbrook, Richard Vernon

A stylish Edgar Allan Poe classic scripted by Robert Towne ('Chinatown') and the last of director Corman's eight Poe adaptations. Vincent Price is obs... Read more

Tower of London (1962)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Joan Freeman, Vincent Price, Robert Brown, Michael Pate

Horror superstar Vincent Price and schlock-master Roger Corman come together on this pseudo-Shakespearean tale, and make it their own! Price plays the... Read more

The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Jonathan Haze, Jack Nicholson, Dick Miller

Jack Nicholson is the masochist who thrives on dental pain in this very funny cult classic from Roger Corman. The preposterous plot revolves around a... Read more