Hoboken Hollow

Jason Connery plays an Iraqi War vet whose adjustment back to the real world is proving difficult. When his marriage falls apart, he decides to hitch West for a new start, but accepting an offer of work on a Texas farm turns out to be a horrible mistake in this viciously brutal horror. Supposedly based on real-life incidents that took place on the Ellebracht slave-ranch in the 1980s, this bloodthirsty torture-fest has an oddball cast that also includes Michael Madsen, C. Thomas Howell, Robert Carradine and Dennis Hopper in a small role as the local sheriff.

Year: 2005
Genre: Horror Movies, True Stories
Country: USA
Director: Glen Stephens
Starring: Jason Connery, Mark Holton, Dennis Hopper, C Thomas Howell, Michael Madsen, Lin Shaye, Randy Spelling, Robert Carradine
Duration: 98 Minutes
Rating: R18 - Sadistic violence.
Location in store: Horror



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