The Noel Coward Collection: Volume 1

Noel Coward was a true Renaissance man; a celebrated, playwright, composer, author, and actor. To quote the title of one of his biographies, he had "a talent to amuse." But in his most enduring works, he found "genuine emotion under the gloss." Included in Volume One of "The Noel Coward Collection" are the plays - "The Vortex", "Hay Fever", "Private Lives", "Design for Living", dramatized short stories - "Mrs. Capper's Birthday", "What Mad Pursuit" and radio plays - "Hay Fever", "Private Lives", "Post-Mortem" and "Design for Living".

Year: 1968
Genre: TV Drama, Alice's Playhouse, Television Shows, Noel Coward, Alice's Playhouse
Country: UK
Director: John Gorrie, Philip Saville, Tony Smith, Philip Dudley, Cecilia Brereton
Starring: Margaret Leighton, Richard Warwick, Penelope Keith, Paul Eddington, Patricia Hodge, Joan Sims, Judi Dench, Michael C Williams, Geoffrey Palmer, Patricia Hayes, Alec McCowen, Polly Adams, Rula Lenska, Dandy Nichols, Hugh Laurie, Gary Waldhorn, John Bird, Clive Swift, Jacqueline Pearce
Duration: 467 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains coarse language.
Location in store: Alice's Playhouse



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