To End All Wars (2001)

Director: David L Cunningham
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Kiefer Sutherland, Ciaran McMenamin

Tells the true story of four Allied POWs who endure harsh treatment from their Japanese captors during WWII while being forced to build a railroad thr... Read more

Subway Stories (1997)

Director: Abel Ferrara, Alison Maclean, Bob Balaban, Jonathan Demme, Julie Dash, Ted Demme, Patricia Benoit, Craig McKay, Lucas Platt, Seth Zvi Rosenfeld
Starring: Denis Leary, Anne Heche, Gregory Hines, Rosie Perez, Bonnie Hunt, Bill Irwin, Ch...

Take a dramatic and surprising ride underneath the streets of New York City as 10 top directors (including Julie Dash, Jonathan Demme, Ted Demme, Abel... Read more

Coppelia (1993)

Director: Colin Nears
Starring: Irina Shapchits, Mikhail Zavialov, Petr Rusanov, Elvira Tarasova

Delibes' delightful ballet 'Coppelia' receives a colourful production courtesy of The Kirov Ballet. Choreographed and staged by Oleg Vinogradov and st... Read more

The Venison Hunters (2001)

Director: Anon
Starring: Mike Bennett

Join Mike Bennett as he follows the development of the venison industry in the South Island of New Zealand. Meet some of the characters involved in re... Read more

Dust (2001)

Director: Milcho Manchevski
Starring: David Wenham, Joseph Fiennes, Anne Brochet

Love and war divide two brothers in this cross between a harsh Mexican western ("El Topo") and an urban drama. From the award-winning director of "Bef... Read more

Novocaine (2001)

Director: David Atkins
Starring: Steve Martin, Helena Bonham Carter, Laura Dern, Scott Caan, Elias Koteas, Kevin...

Darkly funny comedy/thriller loaded with "bite" features Steve Martin as a straight-laced dentist whose quiet life with hygenist/fiancee Laura Dern is... Read more

The Monkey's Mask (2001)

Director: Samantha Lang
Starring: Susie Porter, Kelly McGillis, Marton Csokas, Abbie Cornish

In this sexually provocative thriller, Jill, a private investigator looking into the disappearance of a college coed, has a steamy liaison with Diana,... Read more

Kandahar (2001)

Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Starring: Nelofer Pazira, Hassan Tantai, Sadou Teymouri, Hoyatala Hakimi

Nafas, a young Afghan journalist now living in Canada recieves a desperate letter from her sister in Afghanistan who intends to kill herself at the ne... Read more

Merci Pour Le Chocolat (2000)

Director: Claude Chabrol
Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Jacques Dutronc, Anna Mouglalis, Rodolphe Pauly

Co-writer/director Claude Chabrol's taut thriller stars Isabelle Huppert as Mika, the villanous spider at the centre of an intricate and murderous web... Read more

Complicity (1999)

Director: Gavin Millar
Starring: Jonny Lee Miller, Brian Cox, Keeley Hawes, Paul Higgins, Bill Paterson

Local journalist Cameron Colley writes articles that are idealistic, from the viewpoint of the underdog. A twisted serial killer seems to have the sam... Read more